Thursday, January 14, 2016

another update

forgive the typing, as i am not able to use my desktop as well as my kindle.  but wanted to give an update

cast is off replaced by a customized splint for my wrist/forearm

therapy has begun and i have exercises to do every 2 hours at home, to try and regain some mobility.

cannot use my right hand for anything...drs orders.  no grasping, holding, pulling, picking up anything.  not that i could anyway, as i can not even touch my thumb to my index finger or close my hand..  cannot remove the splint except to shower or do my exercises.

so, basically, i can only rely on my non dominant hand to do whatever i can.  which i am finding isnt as much as i had hoped.  but, it is what it is.

i am so grateful to those of you who placed orders so that i wont go inactive. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.  it means so much to me.

thank you to my upline who has been there from the start for me with her texts and e mails and helping me out till i can stamp again, which they cant guesstimate at this point.  and, for her listening to me when i get down and.  keeping me staying positive.

and, my downline who keeps me encouraged.  i feel like i am letting her down.

i dont have family, that live near except one Son and he calls and texts.....cant come visit much, as he is kept hopping with his car service but his humor helps so much.

the days drag on but i keep telling myself, this too shall pass.
its times like these that show you who you friends really are.

thank you and you know who you are.

Enjoy the awesome stuff in the new catalog.  i only received my order just days before i no chance to play.

do have stuff to share in the next couple of days.  a few SU demos helped me by sending me cards i can share.  just have to figure out hoe to do it with one hand.  lol



  1. Your typing looks like mine on my good days. It will get better for sure. I love all the new stuff, I want it all!! Can't wait to see what's being shared with you.

  2. Well it's easier using my Kindle, which I am doing now.
    Having a set of exercises to do 8 times a day, for about 15 min each time, keeps me occupied during the day. With lots of resting in between. I know that down the road, I'll look back and think "what a whiner" lol but, I'm not used to sitting and doing anything.

  3. Oh, Char, feel so sorry for you and trying to do things and not being able to.. and weather is so dreary too.... well aren't I uplifting tho.... will try to get over to see you, maybe DO something, will call first... Take Care, know I am thinking of you

  4. Thanks Loree. The days have been dreary but I'm thankful for no snow or ice, lately. And no fog. That's the most depressing. The days just seem to be soooooo long when you can't do much. Lol
    Would be happy to have visitors.


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