Friday, January 8, 2016


Sorry I am not keeping up like I should. I won't lie, this had been a hard time for me.  I won't go into detail, as it is what it is but trying to stay positive is my main focus right now....And some days are more difficult than others.  I am normally very self reliant but even the tiniest things are so difficult.
My Sister came to help and I am very grateful. It's just that the pain at times is really bad and the pain pills make me foggy headed and not being able to do a lot by myself makes me irritated and I am stubborn and insist on doing it,  as when she goes home, I'll need to be able to do minor things for myself as I won't have anyone here to help me after she's gone, except my hubby and he has to go to work.
I've discovered the Swype function on my Kindle and that has been a huge blessing as I'll be able to post. Just not sure about uploading photos.

I've had two wonderful friends step up to help me out with cards they have made so I have something to share.  Right now, I am not able to upload, edit and all of that but I WILL figure out a way. Thanks for being patient.

My doctor only wants me to use my arm to move my fingers for now.  I am not to lean on it, or try to use it to help push myself up....And getting up is so difficult.  But can't sit for too long either because of another issue that I had to have taken care of.  Trying to keep my humor thru it all but most people just have no idea how bad it really is. And I'm tired and so frustrated right now.
Whining over!!!!
Anyway trying not to complain, like I keep saying it is what it is.


  1. It'll get better and I'll be watching. Just take time to heal and the rest will come.

    1. It's ok, just hit a rough patch. Thanks for being there.


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