Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve!!!

Here is a card we did at class on December 1st.  It is called a Twist Card or at least that is what I call it.  A little different than the normal cards I make, although I LOVE to make different folded cards, this one has a little 'mechanism' out of card stock that enables it to fold into itself when you close it.

Just so you know, thought, one of my class members sent it to someone and it cost $2 to mail it!  So, it's not a card you would send to a long list of people but maybe for a special occasion.

It's Christmas Eve!!!  So, we'll be going to a service at church this evening, drive around and see all the decorated homes and then come home, eat and play games with our Granddaughter.

We love playing games and here is one game we bought, just recently, and are having a blast with it.  It's called Watch Ya Mouth!

You can find it at Amazon if you don't see it in the stores.  I'll attach a link to Amazon so you can see the game and watch the video.  Believe me, it's hilarious. I hope that family coming, tomorrow, find it just as funny as we do.

Watch Ya Mouth

Scroll down to the video!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!


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