Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sharing some Christmas FUN

I am truly sorry that I have been such a slacker at blogging!!!  I looked back over my posts and I realized (with a little nudge from a friend) that after my class on December 1st, I haven't posted.

I had had what I thought was a cold for over a week and thought that I was almost over it.  I did my class on December 1st, but by early evening, I just felt off to urgent care we went and I found out I had bronchitis.

So, the meds and cough syrup he gave me helped a LOT and I was able to get some much needed sleep over the next couple of days.

On December 3rd, we drove up to WA(I slept a lot on the trip) and picked up our Granddaughter to come stay with us for the holidays.  We had heard we were in for some snow and didn't want to have to travel over the pass in snow.  As it was, going over, it started to on the way home we came back the long way, up the gorge and over The Dalles to Hwy 26 on the other side of the pass.

It's been a whirlwind of activity with her here.  We ended up getting snow a couple of days later and so we stayed inside and made crafts and I caught up a little on my Christmas card making.

We have been watching a ton of Christmas movies!!

We went to the Walk to Bethlehem, at our church in Redmond on Saturday 10th. She was fascinated with the animals and all the different scenes.

Then, we drove to downtown Redmond and took part in their "Charm Stroll". You donate some canned goods and/or personal hygiene items and they give you a 'passport' with the stores that are participating and as you go to each store and they give you a charm.

You have them stamp your passport with their letter...and when you are finished, it spells out a sentence.   Oh my gosh, we were over 3 hours doing this as you walk from one end of the downtown area all the way to the other side.  I got in over 7,000 steps just on the walk!  The snow was so bad and we tromped along the sidewalks mostly covered in snow except where some of the stores had shoveled it off!!

We topped off the day by going to a vendor market at Centennial Park and then we got an early dinner and headed for home.


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