Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Today, we celebrate our 48th anniversary!!!  Where on earth did the time go??

When I look back on it, this was a hectic time to get married as your anniversary always gets swallowed up in all the Christmas activities. And, it's so hard to take a little vacation as Christmas is just two days away.

BUT, then again, what a wonderful time as it seems everything is decorated and for the most part, it's a happy time!

We are just playing it low key again, this year, and just going out for Chinese dinner with our Granddaughter.

Maybe afterwards, we'll drive around and look at Christmas lights!!

See ya tomorrow!!!



  1. Happy anniversary, my dear Char! I hope you had a wonderful day full of memories and some time to talk about all the years together!
    Have a wonderful Christmas also!
    Hugs! Tina

  2. Thank you!!! We did have a wonderful day!!! We didn't get a lot of talking in, but we had a great day!!! Having our Granddaughter here with us is so special. We even stopped and visited with a friend and came home and watched some movies.


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