Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Craft Sale over and now onward to a Garage Sale

Well, the craft sale was a big success...even though it rained and was so windy.....but, surprisingly we didn't get rid of even a 1/4th of all the stuff out there in the garage.  But, we did 3x better than I had anticipated in sales, so I am not complaining.

The idea was to have the craft sale first and then have a garage sale, then we'd have more room.  Well, we did get rid of a ton of stuff but it didn't make a huge dent like I had anticipated :-)  So, now how to set up for the garage sale.  Oh gosh, I had no idea how much stuff I had accumulated over the years.

A lot of stampers and scrapbookers went away super happy so that made me happy!!

And, it was so much fun visiting with different gals from all over.  We had a couple from Portland and another one from somewhere else that was just visiting the area and saw it on Craigslist and decided to stop.

A couple of Special Needs teachers came, (I have a love for Special Needs teachers...as we have a Granddaughter that is special needs) at different times that weekend, to find stuff for their classes so I showed them where I had a bunch of boxes of free stuff that they were excited to go through.  They also bought a bunch of stuff to use in their class rooms!

Now we are beginning to set up for a huge garage sale in less than two weeks! We don't have room for more tables in the garage, so we need to find more tables to put out in the driveway and then figure out how to keep everything from getting wet should it decide to rain.  We don't know of anyone that has tables or canopies we could borrow.  What to do....what to do!!!

Yesterday, we just happened to go up for a community lunch at the Fire Hall and the people that we sat with had known about the craft sale and asked how it went. I was telling them all about it and that we were getting ready for our garage sale, next, but, we needed to find some tables.  Well, come to find out, they told us that city hall rents theirs out for $2 each.  WHAT?  That solves our problem!!! Now, to find canopies on sale so we can put them OVER the tables to keep everything out of the elements.  I am sure the Lord already has that taken care of.

I haven't had a moment of free time to stamp but I DO have a class coming up on April 6th so will be working on getting that finished up this week.

It's just so amazing to watch the Lord work out all the details!!  So much to tell, but so little time, right now.  I have been keeping a journal.....as I want to revisit this time of our lives....and remember all the tiniest details!!!

Thanks to those of you that have contacted me, privately, and told me that you are praying for us!!  I appreciate it more than you know!!!

I'll be keeping you posted and I PROMISE to get a card or two up on the blog soon!!!

Have a fantastic day!!!!



  1. I was one of the ones who left your place with a big haul! Sure enjoyed all of your stuff and wish I could have left with much more! I"ll be gone the weekend of your garage sale... darn! I'm going to follow your blog just so I can see when your moving sale is, "if" you do move! I've read a little bit of your blog and see that you have travel plans if you do sell your house. Sounds fun and exciting but will be sad if you do leave as was looking forward to having a local card class to go to! But good luck with what you are wishing and praying for. I'll keep in touch! Marilyn - Madras

    1. Hi Marilyn, it was great to meet you at my sale. Could you please e-mail me at Pawsnstamp@centurylink.net so I can let you know when the possible moving sale is? And, I can let you know when the classes are going to be.


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