Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Phase 2 of our adventure has begun

Well, we have begun Phase 2 of our plan.  We are now setting up for our huge garage sale to be held April 7th and 8th.  We cannot fit everything that we are getting rid of into the garage, all at once, so that's why we have had to do this in 3 stages.  :-)  Time consuming and exhausting but FUN at the same time.  Still lots to go through, but we are on target for the date we set.

We moved the remaining craft stuff to two aisles of two tables each...and it's really tight but that left us with four tables in two aisles for garage sale the cabinets along the sides of the garage.  As you can see, they are not completely filled up, YET.

Then, if all goes according to plan, we'll have the final stage....stage 3...a  HUGE moving sale.  Then we can add stuff we would keep IF we stayed here....but things we are willing to part with if we don't.

Phase 3 date will be sometime in April.....just can't post it yet, as we don't know for sure when.

But this whole process has prompted us to also go through a lot of mementos and to decide just what to hang onto and what we need to let go of.  HARD....but like someone told me one time, "I have never seen a U-Haul on the back of a Hearse"...and that is so true.

I want all of my stampers friends and customers to know that as soon as we do get the go ahead, I'll be starting a blog just for our travels and what we are up to on the road, and this blog will go back to sharing ideas and cards!!   That way those that are interested in following our journey, can still do so...and those that really just want stamping information and card ideas won't have to read all our personal stuff :-)

Just too much to do right now to have to try and keep up with two blogs :-)

Class is scheduled for April 6th, and am working on that at night!!  Can't wait to see my girls!!!  They are the absolute BEST!!!!

Have a great day!!!



  1. Wow! That's a lot of stuff. Even though we aren't moving to an RV (which I am SO JEALOUS of, by the way), I have about 18 years of stamping stuff I need to go through and get rid of. Hope to meet you soon!

    1. Yeah, I hear you. I had over 20 years of stamping stuff. Go through it, even if you aren't going to live in an RV....just think of all the NEW stuff you can get with the proceeds. If this all goes as planned, we'll definitely be coming your way!!!


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