Friday, March 31, 2017

Goodbye old "friend"

Well, as hard as it is to let some of my own things go, it's even harder to watch my husband get rid of a car that has been in his family since 1973.  His Dad bought this 1973 Ranchero when it was new.  He had it till he gave it to David when we moved to the ranch in Fort Rock.  Here it is on the ranch.

 David drove it for years till we moved here in 2006.  Then, he would drive it now and then, but it started having problems and he decided to work on it and restore it.  A few years ago, he began that process but ran into a few problems getting a radiator support.  It took him four years to find one that would fit the old car.  Then, he got that in and started to do some other work on it and then had to quit for lack of funds.  It sat, covered under a tarp for the last few years, with David working on it any chance he got.
Then, came this idea in the back of our minds to make this life change go live in a 5th wheel and travel here and there and he decided to sell it, because it would have been too expensive to store it and we definitely couldn't be towing it along with us everywhere we went. :-)

He was beginning to think he wouldn't get it sold, as although he had a lot of inquiries about it, no one was that interested in a restoration project.  Until a few days ago.  A man called, came and looked at it with his 15 year old son...who was beaming like crazy. They took it for a test run to make sure it would make it back home with them  And, after he paid for it and they drove it off, it was hard to watch David watch it drive away.

But, you know, nothing is forever!  We have a lot of photos of that old car...and lots of memories.  What is it about a car or a house or things in general that we get so attached to them?

When we first started this 'journey' several years ago, wondering if we could just sell everything and go on the road.....I was telling a gal at a RV place how I felt and she looked at me and said, "Well, you know, I have never seen a hearse with a U Haul towed behind it".  I have never forgotten her words.

After both of my parents died, I had to go through all of their stuff each time, it just reminded me of how much we collect over the years...including memories and then we leave it all up to someone else to get rid of because 'we' can't stand to part with it.

So, that's why we are getting rid of as much as we can that our family doesn't have to go through that process someday down the road.  It's hard enough losing someone without having to make them deal with your 'stuff' after wards.

And, you know, to be's been so 'freeing' to get rid of some of this stuff we've been hanging onto.

Of course, with that being said, I was going through old photos and things my kids had made me...and I WILL be hanging onto those things.  Let them toss them out when the time comes :-)

Well, back to getting the garage sale organized....just one more week!!!  Then, maybe we'll know something for sure and we can move onto Phase 3.

And, YES, I am working on my class cards this weekend, so I will have some cards to share soon!!  And, maybe some fun little give aways!!!

Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Hope you have a fantastic day!!!  Remember to take time to Paws N Stamp!!



  1. When I was a little kid, I would melt into a heartbroken mass every time Dad traded a car. Could not understand WHY they didn't care... LOL


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