Friday, May 23, 2008

Flat Char Returns home

(update)  This post no longer has photos as I installed Picassa....and when I decided to delete removed ALL my photos from my Blog...even ones I had uploaded even before Picassa!  So, if I still had the photos, I tried to upload them again in all the posts but some years, I didn't still have the photos.

I don't know how many of you were here about a year ago when Flat Char was 'born' and took off on her journey around the U.S.A. So, I will explain a little just in case you are thinking I am absolutely bonkers.

Last year, in March, a group of stampers from my Yahoo group took part in an unusual swap. We all made dolls from card stock with arms and legs that were movable. We added a photo of our face to the dolls face. We dressed them up, made a passport and then the 'flat stampers", as we called them, began their journey to the next person on the list. No one ever expected this journey to last over a year but that doesn't matter now.

Flat Char visited:
Burgettstown, PA
Plattsburgh, N.Y
Langhorne, PA
Hurley, NY
Aberdeen, WA
Salem, VA
Williston, VT
Pittsburgh, PA
Savannah, GA
Olympia, WA
and finally Knoxville, TN before heading back home.

I am thoroughly enjoying reading and re reading all the entries in my passport. Some gals even added photos and postcards.

I would dearly LOVE to be able to visit each one of these gals in person. It was a fun experience and we loved reading all the mishaps (my foot got nibbled off by a bunny LOL but my hostess was able to mend it) and adventures of each other's visits.

I have more plans in store for Flat Char but that is for another time.
I have a couple of RAKs to share but will do so in another post.


  1. This sounds like so much fun! It is something cool to try and do between friends of different countries.

  2. What a great project - bet "she" had a lot of fun.

  3. what a great idea! Sounds like a great group of gals! :)

  4. What a great idea! How fun to read all the "adventures"!

  5. what a great idea Char, sounds like a great way of getting to know your virtual friends.

  6. That is hysterical, I love it! It must be so fun to read all those entries. What a great adventure.


  7. Are you going to organise one of those for us Char? Sounds brilliant!


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