Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Forgot to Mention!

I forgot to mention that the bag has strong magnetic closures on each outside pocket. There is also a pocket on the outside at each end. I decided to put my hand cream in one and something else on the other end.

I couldn't wait to add my stuff, so I decided to take some photos to show how much room there is. Usually, after I put my 'wallet' inside a purse, there is never enough room for anything else. I have all the stuff I normally carry with me and STILL lots of room left!

These two inside pockets are just perfect for my cell phone and MP3 room for a pen and calendar.

The key clip keeps my keys from getting lost in my purse. The other zippered compartment is where you slide your photo/card/art work inside so that it shows through the window on the outside of the tote.

If you like this bag and want to order one, you can access the Daily Window website by clicking on their banner to the right. Enjoy!!! I know you'll absolutely love these bags!!



  1. I love this bag...where can i go shopping for it???

  2. Wow, what a great bag. What a wonderful surprise.


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