Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2012 Calendars

I took on a project late in the season.  BUT, I was able to get four complete sets of these calendars done for this year's gift giving.

I'll share one each month, if I remember!! That's the hard part, remembering to do it.

I attended another stamp day and made some more Christmas cards.  Here are just a few of the ones we made.

 The mitten card was made from a template.  We put the 'stitching' on with a gel pen and added a snowflake with a brad.  It was a fast and simple card, yet so cute.
 This card used the Treat Cups filled with Mica flakes. This was my first time making a card using these cups and it was fun!!
This card was another fast and simple card.  YET....it's a cool card.  We used a scallop that had the middle punched out and added some red dots to look like berries.  Then, a little brad for a doorknob.  How cute!!!

I'll share some more tomorrow!!



  1. I like the treat cup card - I've never done one either and now I'm thinking I need to! thanks for the inspiration!

  2. All are very cool! I did the treat cups for my grandson's last year for Valentines Day. Fun, huh? My favorite has to be the door. I wish I would have time to make more calendars! Next year :)

  3. I love the calendar. They really will be great gifts. Your cards are cute. I love the mitten. Glad to see your art again.


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