Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas is over for another year....

Well, Christmas has come and gone.  Wow, what a wonderful time we had.  We decided to open gifts on Christmas Eve because some family members couldn't be there for Christmas day.  

Remember my post here about things I 'wished' for.  I actually received one of those wishes, a Kindle Touch. So, if anyone tells you that wishing doesn't work (and a lot of HINT dropping), tell them they are crazy.

So far, I have been reading one book but adding TONS of free books from  I want to get a power cord and a cover with a light as soon as I can.  Anyone else get a Kindle/Nook/Sony e- reader?  Let me know how you like it and what all you are doing on them.  

On another note, two days after Christmas, I dropped my phone, a HTC Merge in a glass of water.  Don't ask.  Anyone that knows me well, knows it's not that hard to do....for me.  So, I had to go to US Cell and make out an insurance claim. I had gotten it for my birthday back in September so it was just over 3 months old.  I am SO happy we took out the insurance on it. 
I am waiting for my 'new' one...or replacement to show up any day.  In the meantime, I am using my hubby's old Motorola and it doesn't keep a charge for more than a couple of hours and everyone sounds the same when they call.  I am embarrassed to keep asking "WHO IS THIS".  I am sure they are a tad bewildered, too, till I explain.

 I received some other really wonderful gifts, too.  I won't upload them, but, My Granddaughter got me this mug.  

She also got me this plaque and I literally broke down crying.
I guess we must be doing something right ;-)

My older Granddaughter gave me a darling bear with a T shirt that reads "Friends Forever".  I love it!!

Hope you all had a great Christmas spending time with loved ones.

Here's to a fantastic 2012!!


  1. Sounds like a FABULOUS Christmas, Char!!

  2. Happy New Year!! I'm glad you got your kindle. I still want one. I love what you got, I would have been crying too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do this new year. Hope the phone gets there soon.

  3. Got my replacement phone, yesterday :-)


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