Thursday, December 8, 2011

One of the things we did last Saturday, were to make gift tags.  We were given boxes of embellishments and cut outs and told to just be creative.  Oh gosh, I wasn't in a creative mood that day.  But, I forged ahead and made a few blue gift tags to go with the blue Christmas wrapping paper at home.  I made a lot more than this, but they were tans and browns (and I think I liked them better) but I didn't take photos of those.

 We also made a masculine birthday card.  This one says DUDE.  Most of the ones we made on Saturday were Christmas and I showed them in a previous post.
Now that Christmas is fast approaching, I guess it's time to get busy and get my cards finished.  I haven't really even started them.  I don't know why I procrastinate every year.  Last year, I think I ended up sending out a few store bought cards.  I was tempted to do that again, this year, but I really DO have time to sit down and make a few if I hustle my bustle.

I think I'll start a new tradition of making xx amount of cards each by November, I am done with my Christmas cards.  Somehow, I don't think I'll follow through on that idea, though.  After Christmas, I am usually ready to get onto other things.

Hope your day is productive and you are taking time to enjoy the Reason for the Season!!

Have a God blessed day,


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  1. Your tags are cute. Boy, wish I could do cards each month. Wouldn't it be great!


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