Saturday, December 17, 2011

Are you ready for Christmas??

That HAS to be the question that is asked the most about this time of the month!  And, my answer is YES....or Ready as I'll ever be!

The tree and house have been decorated since Thanksgiving, my gifts have been bought and wrapped and have either been sent or waiting to be given to the recipients at Christmas.  My cards have been sent and I even put all my rubber stamps away so that I wasn't tempted to just make a 'few' more.

I made a few snacky type foods and they are all put in containers.  I have a couple of cookie and candy items to make but, we are waiting to do it this weekend.

But, then, WHY do I keep browsing or making little side trips down other aisles, just 'looking', when I am at the store?

Because I love to give!!!  And, it's just plain fun!!!  I just love to shop at this time of year more than ANY other time.  I don't know why, but I do.  They key, though, is staying within our budget and we have.  We saved a little each month... all year long, and we said we would stick to that amount....when it's's gone....NO CREDIT CARDS!!!  And, we have stuck to that promise to one another.  It is so have fun shopping and know that when January comes around....there will be no bills coming in.

The other thing I love about this time of year is the Christmas movies on Hallmark, Lifetime and other channels. I know by Christmas Day, I'll be SO ready to move on to something else....but I have really enjoyed all the movies.

The only thing I don't do much of is listen to Christmas music.  I am not sure why but some of them just put me in a 'downer' mood.  As long as it's upbeat or lively....I do OK for the most part....but play "I'll be home for Christmas", "Silent Night" or anything like that.....I get all teary eyed.  I just can't DO most of the music!  It brings back memories of my parents and I miss them so much!

Talking about Christmas music, what is your favorite Christmas carol?  I love the Carol of the Bells and the Hallelujah Chorus.  And, anything by Manheim Steamroller.  Oh and there are a few I like by Trans-Siberian
Orchestra.  A little 'out there' but cool!!  And, some of my favorite singers would include Michael Buble`, Johnny Mathis (oh swoooon), Josh Groban to name a few.

It's just 8 days till Christmas.....Whooohoooo!!!!

Have a God Blessed day!!



  1. You just had to ask. No I'm not ready! I'm glad you are though. I still love all the music and movies although I can't get Hallmark on my cable.

  2. Well, now that it's the 23rd, we're finally close to being ready. At least all the present shopping is done and they are wrapped and under the tree. Yippee! We still have some groceries to buy and cleaning to do, but at least I feel a whole lot better about things!

    Happy Anniversary!


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