Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Being sick isn't fun.....................but making cards IS!!

I have gotten a LOT of card making done this week in between naps.  I came down with some sort of virus a little over a week ago....and have been aching and feeling just miserable.  

But, I figured it wasn't going away, all too soon....so why not make the best of it? I didn't have energy to do much else, so, I decided I would just lay low and do absolutely nothing.....except make cards.  Actually, it has helped me take my mind off of not feeling well.

I have been working on March's Stamp of the Month cards.  (I announced it yesterday).  I am using the stamp set, Flower Shop.  You can view one of the cards we will be making, HERE.

 I have been really enjoying seeing how much mileage I can get out of this set.  The possibilities are endless!  And, the more I make, the more ideas I come up with.

Here is a little something my hubby came up with!  I told him I wish that I had something to hold my Dazzling Details and Stickles upright so that they didn't clog and this is what he came up with.  It still needs to be stained or painted or something but I LOVE IT!!!!  Now my Stickles are handy, too.   

As you can see, I don't have it filled yet.  A lot of my stuff is still out in the garage where I moved it when we re did the craft room.  So, when I am feeling better, I am going to go unearth my Stickles.
I was glad to be able to add my 2 way glue pens in the back so that they can stand upright.  

Hmmmm, wonder what I can get him to make me next?   He really doesn't enjoy woodworking.  He says he is more of a rough carpenter and isn't into finish work....but who cares.....it serves its purpose and I LOVE it because he made it for me!!!

What's on your agenda today???  Going to be doing any stamping?

Have a FANTASTIC day!!!!  

Get those pinkies inky!!!



  1. It might be rough but we know how to finish stuff don't we. Sure beats the price some companies charge.

  2. When he saw that on a blog, he said "I can make that" and I said...OK!!! LOL I don't care if it's fancy...it serves it's purpose and it's full now!!!


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