Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oh the weather outside if frightful......

But, the crafting inside's delightful!!!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

 We started getting snow a couple of days ago, as did the entire western side of Oregon on up into WA.

Of course, all the news is focused on Vancouver/Portland down to the Eugene area because that's the area they cover.  We don't have the local news on DirectTV, so, we rely on the updates on the internet.  And, occasionally the bigger stations to the west 'throw us a bone'
  The first photo was taken yesterday morning....I think we had maybe 6" then.  I didn't think to take earlier photos as we just didn't think we were going to get more than a few inches.

This was taken last night after dark, when our Son called and said, "Have you looked outside, lately?"

Our two patio chairs with snow up to the seat.

Our two patio chairs, this morning. The snow is up IN the seats, now.

There is a lone chair sitting in the corner of our back yard.  I love to go out there and just sit in the summer where there is shade.   You can barely see it, now.

Then, of course, Annie had to go she blazed her own "trail"

David felt sorry for her so he shoveled out an area for her, this morning

And, our poor cars in the driveway!  Hubby is working at getting the driveway cleared so that when this stuff melts....we don't have more problems.

And, finally, a view out my craft room window!!!

So with that, I will get back to making some cards so that I can share with you on Monday!!

Have a great weekend...and STAY warm in your neck of the woods!!!



  1. This looks like my place. Of course we get more snow in WI, and it doesn't go away till Spring. I can do without the cold though. The weatherman said this is the coldest winter in 5 years. Guess they wanted me to get it all this year. I've learned to keep the car clear so I can get out if needed.

  2. Isn't it awful, beautious, but horrid to get out of the way, shovel for the dogs, shovel the sidewalk, not even worrying about the pick-up that needed a battery charge anyway... Element working that is all I worry about, and keep it in the garage. Son is shoveling snow at 3am.. at least it is work... Stay warm and cozy...

  3. Chris, we don't normally get this much snow here in Central Oregon...but we DO get snow off and on. It just doesn't normally pile up this fast. David kept the walk ways cleared and that in itself was a full time job. We are going out in a little bit and try and clear the driveways....although maybe it will warm up and do the job for us??

  4. Hey Loree,
    I've been keeping up to date on your neck of the woods as my younger Son lives/works there. He drives for JD car service, if you ever need a ride to the airport!! LOL

    We couldn't get our cars into the garage if we wanted to...we have a bunch of stuff that we put out there for a craft sale this spring and a garage sale in June.

    Keep safe and warm!!!


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