Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Berry Basket how fun!!!

                                   Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

For those of you that are Irish, have a touch of Irish or just enjoy celebrating the day!

When Sale A Bration first started, I fell in love with the Berry Basket #137366, but priced at $37.95, I just could not justify buying it when I thought that would probably only use it during Spring/Summer.  So, I didn't.

Then, there were a boatload of ideas on Pinterest and I oooohed and aaaaahed, but still couldn't bring myself to purchase it.  I saw all the cute ideas my Up-line did with the Bigz Die, but still maintained my stance.  NO, I was not ordering something I might not use all the time and that only had one purpose....to make a berry basket!

Well, the other day, I was trying to think of something FUN my Granddaughter and I could do when she comes to visit and of course, stamping is always at the top of the list with her.  Then, I thought of those berry baskets.

I thought, HEY....we could make baskets to fill  and give to people.  She would have a blast doing that. So, I gave in and ordered the Berry Basket (as Sale A Bration ends the end of March) and the stapler.  It's a Bigz die, so it will last for a long, long time!!!

Of course, since the order came to over $50, I was able to choose a Sale A Bration item for FREE!!!

I don't know if you have seen this darling little basket or not, but here is a YouTube video explaining how to put it together.  So easy and FUN!!


I just now, while I was typing,  got a notification that my order has shipped....so YEAHHH!!!  I just ordered it, yesterday!

I'm hoping that this little gem will get me out of my stamping funk!!!

Our Granddaughter always comes to visit for about 6 weeks in the summer months, so I started calling it Camp Grandma.  A few weeks before she is scheduled to come, I send her a little flyer saying "Camp Grandma" will be open soon and then list a few of the things that we'll be doing while she is here.   She calls me and is so excited!!

I think (no, I know) I look forward to her visit as much as she does.  I spend weeks making out a loose agenda that we will follow.  She is SO easy to please.

She is special needs so I have to take some things into consideration, as she can do most anything but not all things.

I mentioned painting rocks to her the other day, on the phone, and she went silent.  I could just imagine if she was wondering if her Grandma had lost her marbles....LOL  But, I think if I show her what I am talking about, she'll think it's fun!

I am checking out some other activities and crafts we can do while she is here.
Glow-in-the Dark Stepping Stone Kit

I saw this kit, at Hobby Lobby, and am thinking of ordering it for her to make her Dad for Father's Day.

Of course, it can say anything, but the wording here was just for demonstration purposes, ;-)

Our area is known for it's outside activities both in summer and winter and it's breweries.....but since we aren't really into skiing, snowboarding, biking, running, hiking, water sports or into beers and wines.....we find it so hard to find things, other than movies, eating out and shopping, that we can go and do.   And, we don't have amusement parks or too many other activities like that unless we drive a few hours one way or the other.

But, I am determined!!

Any suggestions???  Love to hear them!!

Have a fantastic day!!!



  1. I have the die and I think it's so cute. Have fun with Zoey! Wish I had some ideas for you.

    1. Have you used it yet??? Maybe share what you did when you do?

  2. I doodle on stones... they look pretty cool. I'll do a blog on them and maybe Zoey would like that creative fun.

  3. That would be fantastic!!! When I told her we were going to paint rocks, she went quiet. I am sure she thought her Grandma had lost her mind. But, when she sees what I am talking about, she'll love it, I am sure.


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