Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Day before St Patty's Day

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and since I am part Irish, I'll acknowledge the day but we don't go over the top.  We'll have Cabbage and potatoes and that's about it.    I don't necessarily like corned beef. :-( 

Anyone have any St Patrick Day plans?

In trying to take better care of myself, I am spending a lot of time reading a lot of books.  Oh my gosh, it's SO confusing.  One person/Dr/Authority will tell you to do one thing.  Another person that has credentials will tell, that's all wrong, you need to do it this way....and yet, another will tell you something totally different.

So, with all the conflicting advice just how does one go about figuring out what is best for them and not cause themselves further anguish?

So, I guess I will just keep checking out books on eating programs and try and figure it out by guess and by golly.

No matter which book I read, though, someone has lost weight and got healthier on their choice of eating plan.

I checked out a cook book by Bob Harper off of The Biggest Loser and he has a some Skinny Rules for sticking to a healthy eating program,  some of which include:

Drink a large glass of water before every meal, eat protein at every meal, slash  your intake of refined flours and grains, Eat 30-50 grams of fiber a day, Eat apples and berries every single day, and other rules.  They are easy enough to follow, that's for sure and make sense.  

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I tried a couple of recipes from his cookbook and the egg white omelet left a lot to be desired.  Now, I read online where he isn't Vegan he uses whole egg and just adds an extra egg white or two.  Wish I had seen that BEFORE I had that tasteless   Especially, since I am trying to cut out salt.
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I also got several books from our library about the DASH diet.... written by different authors.  I am slowly making my way through them.

I bought a few books from Amazon this past week  Since I haven't started reading them yet, I can't tell you if they are similar to the other books or somewhat different.
I got some books from Amazon, today.  
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"Sweet Grace, how I lost 250 pounds and stopped trying to earn God's favor" by Teresa Shields Parker.  

"Sweet Change" by the same author.
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"Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart" by Kara Davis, MD

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"Spiritual Secrets to Weight Loss" by Kara Davis, MD

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Plus, I have some other books that I have purchased over the years all telling how they lost weight and kept it off and how they changed their diets.

The Engine House Diet, Paleo, McDougal Diet, Wheat belly diet (which I did awesome on, felt better and my numbers went almost to normal...but we just couldn't seem to stay ON it because of our budget) and I was constantly cooking or baking.

Some of them, I KNOW I will just never do.  I won't what's the point?  I love I would rather eat them than drink them.

I know we can't afford some of the programs out there that help you lose I am asking for God's help in finding just the one that works for me and my own health issues and one that will fit in with our budget.

Of course, with any weight loss program, you also have to exercise.  I have some "Walk Away the Pounds" tapes by Leslie Sansone that I have had for years and so this week, I got them out and dusted them off  and began exercising.  Slow but sure!!

As you can tell, I am pretty obsessed with figuring out how to get my health back to a more normal state but I have a list of things that I want to post one day at a time!!

I did place a SU order, today, and hope that will jump start me into stamping again!!  I really need to, and I will.....step by step!!

Have a great day!!!



  1. You'll make it. It can be so confusing at times with all the diets out there. No plans for St Patty's Day.

  2. Yes, I know I'll get it figured out, it's just so confusing and frustrating!! LOL


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