Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What a weekend

We had originally planned on going to the Central Oregon Sportsman's show at the fairgrounds on Saturday but David was busy working on our fence gate, changing it from one gate into two.  And, wouldn't you know it, I didn't think to take a 'before' photo.  But, essentially, there was just one gate and David changed it to where it now opens with two gates.

His reasoning was to make it easier to get his Ford Ranchero out more easily so he could work on it.  I can't wait till he starts getting that back together.

This was a photo of it when it was still running.  This was taken when we lived out in Fort Rock, OR.

Anyway, getting back to Saturday, we opted to stay home and go to the Sportsman's Show on Sunday.

Sunday came and he wanted to work a little bit longer on the gate, so I did some odds and ends around the house and then he came in to get ready and I asked him if he really wanted to go (as he seemed like he was more interested in his project) and he said, "Not really, but I thought YOU wanted to go".  Why on earth would "I" want to go to a Sportsman's Show! LOL   That being said, I can usually find something of interest at any kind of show.  Actually, they had dog competitions for jumping into a pool and I thought that would have been fun to watch.

I have been looking for things to go and do these past couple of months and when I saw this show coming up, I figured he would enjoy the Sportsman's show so I picked up a couple of discount tickets.  So, all along, he thought I wanted to go so he was just going to go to please me.  Too funny!  Communication is such a great tool!!!  Too bad we don't use it more often :-)

So we decided to stay home and just watch a movie later.

I started an early dinner.  And, as I was fixing dinner, I started to feel a little light headed....so I took my blood sugar, just to check, and it was GREAT!!  I still wasn't feeling quite right and was unsteady so for some reason, I decided to check my BP (I am supposed to do that from time to time and log it, but ...I forget).  :-(This is like the Blood Pressure machine I use.  Too bad that isn't my blood pressure, but it's not.

I came out and told David that it was 208/112 and he said, wait a little bit and take it again.....so I did and it was higher.....so he said, get in the car, you are going to the ER.  WHAT?  I wanted to wait to see if it would come down but he insisted.  Just so you know, I DO NOT like hospitals!!

They admitted me, to ER, right away, and took my BP and it was 217/100.

The Dr. came in and spoke with me, asking a ton of questions.  He ordered several tests to rule out any other problems that may have caused that spike in my BP....EKG, Cat scan, Xrays and blood work (another thing I hate...NEEDLES).  Thankfully, the guy that took my blood was really good and he got 5vials.

They gave me a blood pressure pill and kept monitoring my BP and after about 4 hours, when my BP was more stabilized at 172/90, he sent me home with instructions to see my Dr within two weeks.

So, now....where does that leave me on trying to get my blood pressure and blood sugars down with diet and exercise alone?  Sigh!

I still have no clue as to what caused my blood pressure to zoom up like that!  It was a perfect day, restful....I was enjoying the beautiful sunny day and just relaxing and doing things I enjoyed.

Yesterday, I gave in, and went and had my prescription filled at Wal Mart.  I was still feeling a little woozy so didn't even feel like doing any walking around Wal Mart, so I texted my younger Son to see if he wanted to meet up for lunch.  We had a good visit and then I went to Petco with Annie and we got her favorite treats.

She absolutely LOVES that store.  And, of course, she had to go around and sniff and check out everything....one employee asked if he could give her a treat so I told her to give him a high 5, first, and she did and of course, he got a huge kick out of that.

Back to Walmart to pick up my prescription and then took off for home.  What a gorgeous drive back home....all our beautiful mountains!!!  I never tire of seeing them.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the changes in my health, as I thought I was doing so great with my diet........but then I remembered the Bible Study I am doing and the book I am reading and have decided to remain positive that I'll eventually get it all figured out.

Tomorrow is another day!!

Step by Step, Inch by Inch!!!

Have a great day!!!



  1. What a scare! I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. I hope you don't plan on going anywhere for a while. I love the gate hubby fixed, be a good thing when he gets the Ranchero running again.

  2. No, I am still kind of off balance (some would say I have been that way for years...lol) so I am sticking close to home for now. Can't wait till he starts working on his car so I can update!!

  3. LOVE that car!

    OK, on to more important stuff... BP... how's the caffeine intake? Been walking? Aggravating yourself with 'stinkin' thinking'?

    Keep well Irish!

  4. He loves that car, too. It was his Dad's and he had bought it new. Then, he gave it to David. His plan is to get it up and running again and repaint it.
    Oh gosh, my coffee.....I drank it pretty much up till early afternoon. Now, I cut way back and only have maybe two cups a day.
    No stinkin thinking...but really need to up my exercise.
    Hugs to you!!!


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