Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ok, so where were we?

Happy Saturday!!

It figures, I decide to get back to blogging and I come down sick.  But, the good thing is that it only lasted a couple of days.  And, it wasn't really bad enough to keep me down.

I have been so engrossed in my new book and workbook that I haven't done much else besides housework, anyway.

The book is called, "Why Diets Don't Work" by Joyce Tilney.  I am only on chapter 2 of the book/workbook so won't go into much detail at this time, but it's helping me to understand some things about 'why' I am fat. Not so much overeating but the reason I overeat.  It's definitely from a different perspective than most books, and I guess that's why I like it.

I am not rushing through the book/workbook, just taking a day or two to do each chapter and even more if I feel I need to reread it and let it sink in.

It's just so mind boggling how many books are out there.....I still can't get over it. Even when you put in "Why Diets Don't work" you can come up with different authors and other information.

I am sure that most diets and weight loss programs have their benefits, believe me, I have been on a lot of them....but I have never KEPT the weight off long that is what I am trying to understand, now.

I'm still pretty much doing my own thing when it comes to eating.  I am counting calories as that's the only way that "I" know to keep me accountable.  It's so easy for me to eat and not put much thought into how many calories or nutrients I am putting into my body and then realize I am WAY over what I should be eating.

I am doing this with the help of MyFitnessPal. I love their diary, where you can input each thing you eat and it comes up with not only the calories but also the nutrients.  After you add something, then you can find it much easier the next time.  You can also keep track of your water intake and exercise.

I know that for some people, it's too time consuming to take time to do this each time you put something in your mouth BUT therein lies the problem.  We don't really realize how many calories we are putting in our mouth each meal.

MyFitnessPal also syncs with my Fitbit, So, it keeps track of my steps.
I can also input other exercises and play on my Wii and enter the sport I played and it will calculate the calories I have burned by how many minutes I spent playing.  COOOOL

Now, if I could just get my desire to stamp back!!!  Not quite sure what is up with that, but I am not fighting it, for now, I am taking time to get ME back to where I need to be.

I promise, I won't constantly be writing about my weight issues but for now, that is what is on my mind so that is what I am talking about.

Today is another gorgeous day here in Central Oregon....I cannot believe the awesome weather we have been blessed with.  This is just not our typical weather....well at least it wasn't for February....and now that we are into March, it's just as AWESOME!!   I think this weather has also played a significant part in my getting through the S.A.D, this year.

Ok, I am off to see what kind of trouble I can get into ;-)

Have a great day and remember to do one thing special for yourself today!!


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  1. Congrats on doing the diet thing. I sure wish you luck, but I know you will do it. It's a nice March here so far but we can have snow at any time.


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