Friday, February 15, 2013

Another remodeling project

After we painted all of the rooms we had planned on painting, we had a new patio door installed.  My hubby did most of the preliminary work and the installer just had to come install the door and put on the extender kit.  (whatever that is).

This is basically what it looked like before.  It was a sliding glass patio door and we had blinds that you had to lift up every time you let the dog in or out, which was a lot of time during the day.  David ended up stringing that one set of blinds 3 times.

This is what the new patio doors look like.  The door on the left opens in like a regular door....and the one on the right stays stationery but you can make it so that they both open if you want to.

The blinds are between the two panes of glass.  So, no more pulling blinds up and down.  You just have a little slider thing that you move ever so slightly and you can adjust the blinds to how you want them.

My hubby (doing our taxes in the photo) did the trim work around the door after the installer installed the doors and then did the finish work outside around the door. And, he did all the work ahead of time getting the space ready to put the door in.

I LOVE it!!!!

Tomorrow, I'll share what else he did.

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  1. The doors look great. And that color is just perfect. Ewww, taxes!!


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