Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cleaning Stamp room/office

 This is normally where I sit and stamp but as you can see it was piled full of stuff and even worse when my Sister was here.  But, after she left I began going through it all.

Slowly but surely, I got all the items put back where they belong and the desk is clean once again.

I have wall space above the L in my desk that I will add IKEA rails and put my punches on.

And, I am waiting for a stamp pad/reinker rack from Organizemore.com that my hubby bought for me.  That will go near my desk, as well.

I am contemplating ordering their ribbon organizer to so that will free up a drawer in my dresser in the closet.

 All of the floor was clean but after she left, I just put everything down and started going through it.   I now have several boxes of stuff (not my punches, they are waiting for some Ikea rails) that I plan on selling at a garage sale.

 The first order of business was to bring an old cupboard that I used to house my cookbooks in out in the dining room, to the stamp room.  I have all my household binders in there.

I went through everything in every Iris cart drawer and the dresser and got rid of stuff I no longer use or put it out in the garage in some Irish carts I have out there.

I found things I had forgotten I even had and figured if I hadn't used them since the last time I cleaned and reorganized, then I really didn't need them, including a lot of stamp pads that I just never use.

This is hubby's small spot in the office/stamp room.

We actually have three desks in here...one for my computer, one for his and the big stamping desk.

I hope to one day have another desk like my computer desk, for a stamping desk and that will free up some room since my stamping desk is an L shape.  Lots of room to stamp but makes for a very crowded office/stamp room.

 Here is the tall organizer we got years and years ago when we were moving furniture for NAVL.  A customer sold it to us for $10.  It came in really handy when I started stamping years later.

Hubby installed vinyl shelving all the way around the room starting at my stamping desk and continuing over my computer desk and then around to the right of my desk.  I guess I didn't take photos of that.  But, it helped me to be able to get a bunch of little drawer units that we had stored on a big shelving unit prior to moving hubby's desk back in here.  If that makes sense.
 The below units are what we took OUT of the stamp room so that we would have more room to bring hubby's desk in.  All of those little units on the first big shelving unit are now on vinyl shelves above my desks.  The Iris carts are out in the garage on those rubber maid units.  I keep things in there I don't use as often.
The punches are all in a tote waiting for when I can get to IKEA for Bygel rails and I will store them on those on the wall.  The CD/DVD unit is now out in the living room storing what it was intended to store :-)

Now to figure out what I can store my 12 x 12 card stock and designer papers on/in.  But, that's for another day!!


  1. Wow! You have been a busy lady. The room is looking good. I should do the same, I have so much stuff I never use.

  2. I'm so happy for you that you have found the time and had the motivation to work in your room! How fun and awesome! It's looking great! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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