Monday, February 18, 2013

Still working on a few things

My hubby found a few places that needed touching up, so he is currently working on that and then we should be done with the floor except for the final trim and the thresh holds!!!

Here are some photos of the dining room, entry way and living room that are now back to normal?

 Hutch is now back in the corner at a diagonal instead of against the wall.
 Trying to decide what to do with this entryway table and what to put on it and above it.  That is a painting my good friend, JoAnn did as she knows I love Daisies.  It has hung on the wall around the corner from that table but now am thinking it would look nice above the table.

 The view from my dining room to the front door and entryway.  Have to get some sort of throw rug in the entry and possibly a sofa table to go behind the sofa.   Still contemplating that idea.
 Looks so sparse but I am trying to figure out just what I need in that far corner to make it look more 'finished'.
A closer look at the 'corner'.  I have a nice chair that is a rose colored was my Mom's and it's from the 80's but, it is so comfortable.  David likes to read there in the early mornings.  It went with everything when the walls were sage green but now, I think it would clash.  Thinking about getting it re-upholstered.
My Secretary sits in a corner again.  I want to refinish it someday.

Well, that's it for our renovations but I have more ideas up my will be adding more as times goes by.

Have a great day!!!



  1. It looks so nice. Your empty corner would be nice for the Christmas tree but you do need something there. Not sure what it should be though. The picture would look good over the table.

  2. David did an awesome job! I wanted hardwood floors when we did our remodel, but Steve didn't...
    Love the warm color on the walls too... BEAUTIFUL!


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