Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, I have missed a couple of days of posting due to having our Granddaughter here visiting.  We have been B U S Y!!!

Yesterday, we had to make a trip into Redmond to pick up some ingredients to make applesauce and a cute little project that we are going to make on Friday.

Today, we are making applesauce from the 80# of apples we got on Friday.  We had two big 40# Gala and one Jazz.  There was just no way we were going to get them all ate before they spoiled and I really don't want tons of baked goodies tempting me!!!

So, I decided to make applesauce and apple butter/ Here we are washing the apples. There are more to the left of the sinks.....
Then, we cut them up in quarters, cored them....and put them into crock pots and big pots on the stove.
Then, of course, I ran out of big pots so I resurrected my old crock pot out in the garage to lend a hand.

And, of course, I will make good use of the apples that are left in each of the boxes.
We'll be eating most of them, but I am sure one pie or some sort of dessert will appear from the rest of them in the box.

You ask how I came to have 80# of apples?  It's not even apple season.  Well, sadly a semi truck over turned on a highway up on a pass where a local tow truck was called to tow the truck.  They also get the produce as part of that bargain, I guess.  Not sure how that works out.....but anyway, then the tow truck company makes them available to the people in town.  Word gets around....and then WHAM, the apples are ALL GONE ;-)

Now, at $20 a box...that comes to about .25cents a pound.  That's pretty cheap!!!

Hope you have a great day!!!

And, don't forget to take time to Paws N Stamp!!

OH....and if you are interested....check out my SU Website where you will find this weeks DEALS!!!



  1. Boy, lots of work there. I hope you have fun with Zoey there!!

  2. Yes, lots of work and only 7 quarts of applesauce to show for it. I remember now why I gave all my canning stuff away! But, there is just something about putting up your own food!!!

    Zoey and I are going to have a stamp day, tomorrow!!!


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