Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Annie!!

Our very loved and much spoiled dog turns10 today!!  Here are some photos of her over the years.  (And, if you think this is a lot.....I have several folders FULL of photos)

Happy Birthday, Annie!!!!!

 Through the years......................

 At the adolescent age!

Her favorite chair!

Getting to know Little Guy, the cat, who passed away a little over a year ago!
Helping "Dad" make a snowman out on the ranch.  And, lounging on the porch swing

 Loves to play in water....but hates a bath!!  Go figure!!
At the Reservoir (on top) and on the McKenzie River.
 Playing toss the water balloon with Dad and our Granddaughter.

 One of her favorite toys...her pink pig!

Happy Birthday, Annie!!!  Hope we have 10 more, together!!!


  1. She is so cute! A big Happy Birthday Annie!!!

    1. Thanks!!! She is definitely our baby!!


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