Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ship Ahoy Mateys!!!

So, for today's share.....

No, this card was not made with a SU set, it was a card I made, back in 2009, when I demonstrated for another company.  And, I am sure if you search way back in the archives, you may even find that I shared it once before.

 BUT, Stampin' UP! has an almost identical set, and I am I loved that set.  So, now I am going to try to recreate it using SU supplies.

Look on page 101 of the catalog or go to my website  to see SU's set.  It is almost identical.

Anyway, if you have this SU set, and you want to share what you have made with it, I would love to see it.  Just send it to My e-mail .

This is how I have been feeling for over a week or two, now.  Do any of you suffer from not being able to sleep at night?  Oh gosh, my days and nights are all turned around again!!!  I start out by going to bed at the normal hour but then within a couple of hours, I wake up....and think it's time to get up....and notice it's just midnight.  But, I am awake so I get up and then I either surf the internet, make cards or other things.

But, then, I get so involved in those things that all of a sudden it's 5am and it's time to 'get up'.  So, I try to stay awake till the next bedtime hour, but it's next to impossible.

It's great in that, at night, I can accomplish so much more (because of no distractions).....and I end up getting all caught up on my stamping obligations, creating new cards, surfing the web, catching up on e-mail...BUT, then all of a sudden it's MORNING.....when I normally would be getting up, and need to be on top of things....and I just can't stay awake!  So, I finally lay down to catch a few winks and then it's afternoon....and the whole process starts all over again!!

Well, I have taken a few steps to try and get myself back on track.  I began walking again.....turned my phone off at night (with the exception of emergency calls), and bought something called Tea for Sleep which is herbal.  We'll see how that all works.

I'll share, tomorrow, the card I came up with using SU's set!

Have a great day!!
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  1. Your card is really nice. Don't know if I have the SU set. I hope what you're trying works. Have you seen a doctor yet??

    1. Thanks, Chris. Nope, no need to go to the Dr. I know what it mind just won't shut off at night :-) I'm hoping the Tea for Sleep will get me turned around again.

  2. Hi Char- came over to check out your blog and am loving this card. I see you are a SU demo,but still using other stamps:) Beautiful card from the past. I am now a follower.

    1. Thanks, Karen!!! Can't get rid of my other stamps. And, I loved this ship am definitely keeping it....Wish we had the papers that TAC did....wish I knew where they got them....:-)


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