Tuesday, March 25, 2014

April Stamp of the Month Club


It's that time again!!

It's time for this month's Stamp of the Month selection.

Here is one sample of  a card that we will be making this month.

If you would like more information, you can go here and read the complete details.

Basically, each month I offer kits which include a stamp set, (which is anywhere from $14.95 to $16.95), plus all the ingredients to complete 3 complete cards, a complete set of instructions and photos via PDF file, with up to 7 more samples, for ideas. AND priority shipping to you!

If you were to buy JUST the stamp set it would be $14.95 plus $6.95 shipping from Stampin' UP! which comes to $21.95.  So, for a few dollars extra, you are getting the components to complete 3 cards and photos and instructions AND up to 7 samples to give you ideas of even more cards to make with the stamp set.
(if you already own that set, just choose another set of equal value)

Good deal, huh??

This month, I will be featuring the Papillon Potpourri stamp set.

I will also be using the Elegant Butterfly and Bitty Butterfly punches.  If you would like purchase those, I am offering 10% off the punches.  This is my special, only, not Stampin' UP!s and only for Stamp of the Month Club members.

Papillon Potpourri

Elegant Butterfly Punch
Elegant Butterfly $15.95
Bitty Butterfly Punch
Bitty Butterfly $15.95

You pay in advance via Pay Pal.  Payment must reach me by the 1st of the April.
Please contact me first so I can give you a complete total, if you are adding more to your order. 

I place the order on or around the 2nd of April.

After the order arrives, I will assemble the kits and will then ship it to you via priority mail. 

When I have shipped your kit, you will then receive an e-mail from me, telling you it has been shipped and I will include your USPS tracking #, and the PDF file attached, with your instructions and photos.

Make sure that I have your e-mail address and mailing address when you sign up.

Please allow till the 15th of the month for me to get all the kits assembled.

Any questions??  Please feel free to e-mail me

Have a Fantastic Day!!!

And, remember to take time to Paws N Stamp!!


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