Saturday, January 25, 2014

It's finished!!!

 This is what this corner of my stamp room looked like before painting.  I had removed everything in the room and closet except for the shelves.

The book case that is in the closet used to sit in front of the window, before.  I had a dresser in the closet and stored things in the drawers and had a bank of Iris carts on either side of the dresser.  It was just way too crowded.  And, I had those Iris carts FILLED....but didn't use most of the stuff in them.

Now, I just have the book case which houses my SU clear sets and Big Shot items.

The Iris cart to the right, may or may not stay depending on whether or not I actually USE the items stored inside.

This view is looking straight on at the east side of my stamp room.  I have Bygel Rails to hold my SU punches. The Iris carts below store my most used items.  Next to that is a roll around cart the holds my Big Shot and then below that are my shipping supplies.

A closer look at the Bygel Rails.  I love this way of storing my punches.
The little hanging rack with jars inside are used for embellishments.  I am not sure what I am going to do with the hanging buckets...but they are PURPLE...what's not to like :-)

The clock, I made myself when I was with another stamping company.  I need to update it using current stamps.
 Here is a side view of my stamping desk and vinyl shelves above.

I really don't like having my printer on my office desk but there was no where else to put it as the roll around cart that USED to hold it wouldn't fit in that space anymore.
A closer look at my desk area.  I have a stamp pad/re-inker organizer that my husband bought me for my birthday.  He got it at  I love it!!!!
Next to that, to the left, is a cute little divided tray that I sat on house my bottles of Stampin Up Dazzling Details.

I have two turn around holders that hold my most used stamping essentials like scissors, cutting tools etc.
To the far right against the wall is a little spice holder unit that I have all my glues, spritzers and stamp pad misters etc.

Above the desk on the lower vinyl shelves are three drawer organizers that house things that I use most often on my cards, including adhesives, different embellishments, acrylic mounts and other things.
On the top shelf are items I use but maybe not quite as often.
You see the little roll around file cart on the left under the table?  That's to store the In Color card stock.  You will see why, soon.

 This is a paper organizer that I got online years ago when some place was going out of business....I think it might have cost $19 back then.  After I received it, I hurried to buy another one...but they were all sold out completely :-(  Oh well.  It's made from metal and corrugated cardboard.  It's held up pretty well all these years.

I added labels to each cubby....with the name of my SU 8 1/2 x 11 card stock.  Like I mentioned before, there wasn't room for the IN colors in this unit so I had to have them in the roll around file cart.
I had to add something to make it a little more above the unit to make it more enjoyable to look at.  The picture above is one I bought years ago.....but never have put it in a frame.  I still need to do that.

The calendar on the top of the unit was one that was made for me a couple of years ago by a friend.  I still keep it even though it's out of date and I haven't had time to 'update it'.

 This is my computer desk area.  Right now there isn't a lot above my desk and that's OK.  As I go along, I'll decide what to store up above.
 Here is a view of my desk area and my 12 x 12 vinyl paper holder that a friend of my Sister's gave to me when visiting AZ, this past November.  I was ecstatic to get it....and now have a really cool place to store my designer papers. THANKS RODDI!!!

A closer view so you can see the Vinyl racks even better.

The one to the left, we paid $10 for from a customer that we were moving from one state to another.  She just didn't want it....and I was so happy to take it off her hands.  That was when we were owner operators of our own semi and were leasing to North American Van Lines.

Anyway, that was in the late 80's and it's been in several homes since then and always came in extremely handy, usually for storing cleaning products in the garage or whatever.  I finally got to use in my stamp room when we moved here 7 years ago.  I keep extra supplies here as it's usually hidden by the door when it's open.

The wooden box to the far right was acquired at a garage sale, I am sure.  I used to lay it on it's side and it would hold different things but there was no where to lay it, so I just stood it on end and it houses my SU catalogs and spiral notebooks etc.

Well, that's the tour of my  newly redone stamp room!!  I am going to be so excited when I have finished some other projects and can actually sit down and STAMP again!!!

Right now, I am just enjoying the sky blue look of my room....and it makes me so happy to be in here!  I am still contemplating whether or not to add 'clouds' to the ceiling!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!



  1. It looks great, Char!! I hope you get to spend lots of time in there enjoying it!

  2. It's looking real good! It is very nicely organized and you still have lots of open space. This looks like a happy place to play.

  3. Your room looks great. I can't wait to get mine done. Have fun creating in it.

  4. I love your room! The blue is so calming. Now to get stamping?

  5. Congratulations Char on your fabulous craft room.

  6. Kristie,
    That's my plan to spend lots of time in here!!!

  7. Thanks so much, everyone! I appreciate all of your comments! Christina, the blue does have a calming effect...makes me feel like it's spring/summer all the time.

  8. Some have written me e-mails and asked me where all of my 'stuff' went to. Well, it's in the garage waiting me to go through all of it. Some of it is going to be tossed, some donated and then I'll have a huge craft sale in May. I'll be sure to post about it on my blog in case anyone that lives fairly close can come check it out.


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