Friday, January 31, 2014

Taking Inventory, LITERALLY!!!

I don't know if you have ever worked at a store or business where every year, you had to take part in doing the inventory or had a company come in to do the inventory but it was a daunting task!

All of us employees dreaded inventory time!  It wasn't that it was that hard, it was just time consuming and boring!
But, it was something that needed doing.
With that said, have you ever thought of doing inventory of your stamping/scrap booking supplies?

We visited our insurance agent, the other day, and he strongly suggested doing an inventory of the entire house, room by room and preferably with photos.  He told me that on their insurance website, after you register, they have a place where you can list each item (room by room) and even add a photo of it.  Plus, they have a drop down menu where you can list other information about the item you listed, such as manufacturer, where you bought it and so forth.

Guess what?  I decided to take his advice and I started with my stamp room!  Oh my word, I was at least 3 hours at it and only scratched the surface.  It's not that I have millions of dollars in stamp supplies....but it takes time to list each item and the cost, where you purchased it, the manufacturer.....and some things I had purchased years I forgot what I paid for it so hence Google came into play and I looked these items up!

What if something were to happen.....and all of a sudden it was all gone?  I have known several friends/stampers that this has happened to and they had no idea what all they had.  The knew that they had a LOT but couldn't list it all when it came time to do it.  Since they had also lost all their photos, they could only go by memory and looking through catalogs of what they remembered purchasing.  They said that they wished they had taken the time to take an inventory and put the list in a safety deposit box or something.

If you even have 20 stamp sets at an average of $10 a set...that is $200.  But, how will you be able to 'prove' that you actually had 20 sets, 50 sets and who would believe (without proof) that some of us stampers have 100's of sets, collected over the years?

Now, that is just stamp sets.   How about that set of Copics?  I personally don't have a complete set of Copics....but I know many stampers that do.

What about your Cricut, Big Shot, all of your punches, Nestabilities ?

Well, I think if you really sat down and thought about it, you would have to agree that most of us have way more than $1,000 worth of stamping supplies.  If you don't believe me, get your pen and paper out and start listing everything that you have and the amount you paid for it.   It adds up fast!

Anyway, the whole gist of this post is to remind us that even though something may be boring and time consuming, we may end up jumping for joy that we took the time to do it properly.  And, if we never have to use that information....WHOOOHOOOO.....we'll at least we have a list of what we have.

Just something I thought I would share with you today!!  Go ahead and take the time to start your inventory.  You don't have to do it all in one day....set aside 1/2 hour a day over a span of weeks and inventory your entire house/apartment.  You'll be so happy you did!

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Have a Fantastic Day!!!



  1. Gee whiz! It would take me a couple of months to inventory just my craft supplies. I want renter's insurance but not sure if I need to do an inventory.

  2. Well, I am not sure that you need to inventory every little thing, but, it helps to have photos, descriptions of the items you have that would be costly to replace. Even if you just did your stamps, punches and other items like that. You would be surprised what it would cost you to replace what you have. I know from watching two of my friends, after fires, trying to figure out just what they had, all the while they are so traumatized.


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