Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stamp room finished and NOW

It's time to start on the garage where all the 'excess' stamping supplies/stamps and my old desk went when I reorganized my stamp room.  It is also where other "stuff" is stored because there is no room in the house or we don't want it in the house or we just weren't ready to 'let go'.  It's TIME!!
 This is the back wall of our garage and those Iris drawers are full of  stamps that aren't S.U. but I probably will not get rid of.  The Rubber maid drawers on the bottom are empty but I am sure I'll fill them with something before this process is over.  They used to hold decorative paper....but I am going to sell most of it.

The white counter and shelves above it have excess things that I used in my stamping.  I'll be going through all of that, too.   The cupboards, below, store things that I will use in my future classes.  My intentions are to get the counter top cleared off.

See over in the background?  There is a red Ranchero?  Well, this car was David's dad's and he gave it to him years and years ago.   He drove it for a lot of years and when we moved here, he decided to fix it up.  His dream has always been to fix it up, paint it and get it back on the road.  So, he began the project but then we sort of got side tracked for a few years.  Now,  he just doesn't have 'room' to work on it.   Hence the need to get the garage back in ship shape and organized so that there IS room.

Why do we 'hang onto' things that we 'plan on using' some day but then never do use it and eventually someone else has to come in and go through everything and get rid of it?

My goal is to have the garage back to being a garage so that we can work out there and who knows...maybe even park a car in it? there's a concept!!

That blue and white desk is one of those things I can't bear to get rid of.  My older Sister got it when she was 12 years old.  She is not 72.  It was a maple color when she got it that year for Christmas.  She ended up giving it to me when she moved out of the house.  I have kept it all these years and even painted it blue and white to match our older Son's room.  He used it for years, until he moved out.  Then, it was in our guest room out on the farm.  That room was huge so there was plenty of room for it.

Well, wish me luck as I tackle this next job!  It's so cold out there in the winter months but I need to complete the job before May so I will have to go out there and work little by little.

Tomorrow, I will share a card I made at a stamp class.  Valentine's Day is fast approaching!!



  1. Wish I could be there when you do the garage. I love rummaging through other peoples treasures!! Just be glad you aren't here in my cold. Right now it's -14 out there. A garage would be life-threatening!

  2. I am really glad I am not there in your cold!! All of our trees have ice on them or frozen fog, I guess. It's not as cold as you have, though. It's 26º right now at a little after noon. We have no insulation in the garage so it's COLD!!!


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