Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thorough Make over of my stamp room

Well, here we go again!!!  My craft room has always been a 'work in progress' but this time, we are going to make it over so that it isn't an office AND a craft room but totally a craft room, with one exception....we will need to have a guest bed in there for guests and when our Granddaughters come to visit.

I was going to show how the room looked before we 'gutted' it, but couldn't find any recent photos.  I know I have some, somewhere, but will have to post them later so you can see the difference between the two.

Anyway, here is the start!

 Annie wondering what the heck is going on here!
 Left the closet shelves and the Bygel rails up and can paint the other parts of the room and then when that is dry...move the stuff that wasn't boxed up to the shelves on the other side.
 Looks strange without the vinyl shelves on there but we didn't want to take out the screws so I figured I would just paint around them.
Ok, we are ready!!!  Now just have to make a fast trip into Home Depot and HOPEFULLY pick out some paint!!!  There are THOUSANDS of options and I don't do well with a lot of choices ;-)

Wish us luck!!!

Have a great day!!!


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  1. Good luck with making that a part-time guest room! My sister has two guest rooms, but she only allows VERY special guests to use the bed in the craft room!

    Have fun with your make-over!

  2. On your way! Can't wait to see it when it's done. Hopefully this goes easier than the front room.

  3. Jan, I read your advice and hubby and I agreed, we just need to leave it an office/craft room. We'll just limit the 'stuff' that we bring back into that room!!

  4. Chris,
    Actually, the front room was only more involved because it was a LOT bigger. But, we have a LOT more stuff in our craft room/office. I'll be happy when I can start bringing things back in and can actually start making cards again!!


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