Monday, January 20, 2014

The Painting....blech

Here is the first stroke of paint!  I went with a different color, altogether, than the one I had picked out 'online' as when we got to Home Depot, the color I thought I wanted was a LOT different than what I had thought it was.  The original color I had picked was called Utah sky.

8 oz. #560A-3 Utah Sky Interior/Exterior Paint Sample
But when we got in there, it was a lot more vivid than I had thought.

So, we went with this color, Sweet Blue. 8 oz. #580E-3 Sweet Blue Interior/Exterior Paint Sample
I really had intended to get a color like the original one but after we looked through hundreds of colors, the Sweet Blue just caught my attention.  Now, when you look at IT and the color on the doesn't look the same, either....but after it dries, it's not quite as vibrant.  I was going for a softer blue look.
It still looks rather bright, but I assure's softer when it dries.  I really like it!
I don't know why the colors don't look the same as the samples, it really makes it harder to choose a color.

Here you can see that it is a lot more like the sample...but still not as muted as the sample showed.  But, we like it!!  David is putting the shelving back up and then I got to do all the trim work.
The difference between our light sage green walls that we had before and now the softer blue!!  It just makes me 'happy' to walk into the room!!  I even thought of sponging some clouds on the ceiling....but not sure I'll go through with it!

David installed a new light fixture on the ceiling replacing the old one that only had one light bulb in it.  We had originally gone in the store thinking we'd get one with two light bulbs and the salesperson suggested we try the LED one.  She said they last up to 30 years and are a lot brighter.  So, even though it was more expensive than we had planned....we decided to go ahead and try it.

After it was in, we turned it on and we couldn't believe how much light it put out.  Now I don't have to feel as though I am in a dungeon.   I'll still need some lighting over my desk area but that's down the road.

Now, to think about WHAT will come back into the room and what won't!!!  We decided to just go ahead and make it our office/craft room like we had before and figured if I don't bring in a lot of 'stuff',  it won't feel so crowded.

Then, after this project is finished....I get to start on the guest room!!!

More updates coming!!

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In the meantime, SU has some really cool Valentine ideas here.
I am ordering those adorable monster Valentines as I know I won't have time to make anything before Valentine's Day and get them mailed, with my room in a complete mess!

Have a great day!!!



  1. It looks pretty. The colors never seem to match samples for me either. Be sure and share a pic when the room is finished and the new overhead light.


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